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OptiMind Reviews- What You Need to Know!

**Warning! Do not buy OptiMind until you read this comprehensive review!

In this review, we answer the tough questions about OptiMind.

Does it really work? Is it a Scam?

We will check out the ingredients, the side effects, and so much more.

What is OptiMind?

OptiMind is a nootropics supplement that was created to promote a sense of focus, improve the user’s memory, and increase energy. Plus, it enhances the overall drive of the user.

This product is new to the market, so there are few reviews and testimonials from customers. We do know that the founder is Lucas Siegel, who unfortunately had a friend die as a result of ADHD medicine overdose.

After having to deal with this heartbreak, Lucas created a supplement that would safely boost the focus and drive of those taking it.

At first, the OptiMind supplement was not sold in stores. It was not even sold online. Lucas simply used it in his social circle, and realized he was able to make money off it.

In the present day, OptiMind is manufactured and sold by a company in Houston, TX known as AlternaScript LLC.

The supplement says it can wipe out brain fog and boost the focus of those using it. It contains 12 ingredients, which we will go over.

The components of OptiMind say that they increase nutrient and oxygen flow to the brain while having an influence on GABA and Choline levels. It sounds good, but it should be noted that the website is very low in information about the dosages, ingredients, and adverse reactions of taking this supplement.

Is Optimind A Scam?

OptiMind’s website claims it is a nootropic supplement that has 12 different ingredients included.

They say the supplement is manufactured in a “major supplements lab” but what proof do we have?

None. There is no indication that it was manufactured with such rigorous safety standards.

The manufacturer literally provides no details about their facility.

What’s inside Optimind?

Now we shall talk about some of the ingredients in the supplement. They all perform the same function.

They are responsible for making the brain produce acetylcholine, which is a chemical that is found when we are learning or forming memories.

OptiMind uses Alpha Lipoic Acid, Green Tea Extract, and Caffeine as a means of boosting mental abilities. But caffeine can be harmful if you have heart disease and other chronic illnesses.

This supplement might also help with your mood, too.

Ingredients like Vitamin d3, DMAE, and GABA help release serotonin. And while this sounds great, the label provides no info about the dosage amounts for these ingredients.

We do not know if it is effective or not.

Vinpocetine and Sulbutiamine are renowned for their nootropic properties, but we don’t know how much of them are included in Optimind’s blend. Caffeine provides energy and enhances learning capabilities but is not recommended to people with certain conditions.

Vitamin B12 will improve blood flow and brain functions, but only in high doses.

Vitamin D3 will increase serotonin and reduce hunger. Once again, however, there is no info about the amount in the Optimind supplement.

Other ingredients you will find include Huperzine A, which will increase acetylcholine levels, which is said to help memory (although we do not have any scientific evidence of this).

Taurine has connections with a healthy cardiovascular system and central nervous system function, but there no sufficient evidence to support this claim.

Sulbutiamine is said to stabilize levels of neurotransmission, but we do know how it does it.

Bacopa Monnierei Extract says it can improve memory recall.

And this product also claims that Phosphatidyl L-Serine enhances neurotransmission, though it has not been closely studied.

Tyrosine, another component of this blend, increases energy and promotes an alert mental state.

So, does Optimind have any side effects?

The manufacturer of this supplement does not mention it having any side effects. This leads us all to believe that it really does not work in solving any problems you may be having.

Some research into the product reveals that Vinpocetine can cause stomach pain, disturbances in sleep, dizziness, nervousness, and headache, among other side effects.

Women who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding should not take OptiMind.

The ingredients in there can be very harmful for the baby. People who have diabetes should also avoid this product because diabetes medications can interact with this supplement.

And if you are an excessive consumer of alcohol, you should also avoid this supplement.

This also applies if you have epilepsy, slow heart rate, thyroid disease, and GI tract blockage, among several other diseases and conditions.

Check These Testimonials….

Aside from the harmful effects for people that have health conditions, take a look at these testimonials to get some more truth.

“OptiMind is an unproductive thing…I suffered from stomachache…I wanted to return the product, they told me it was no longer possible.”

“Optimind was my last hope to improve my memory…I waited for some energy boost…but the effect was quite the opposite…I felt very relaxed and sleepy…waste of money!”

“I have been experimenting with OptiMind for a few weeks and felt no effects…it acts like coffee but more expensive…I am disappointed with Optimind.”

As you can see, reviews are not shaping up to be very favorable.

What’s the Cost of Optimind, and Where can you Buy it?

A single bottle of this supplement is $44. A double bottle is $64. They say they will give you your money back with a 30-day money back guarantee, but some clients complained they could not get their funds. This supplement is not even available at major retailers like Walmart, GNC or Amazon.

My opinion, OptiMind is not a very reliable product and should not be used if your goal is memory enhancement or increased mental ability.

It has so many restrictions as far as who can use it, and there are just so many other great products out there. Don’t waste your money on this ineffective supplement.

Optimind Alternative ( Most Popular FDA Approved )

The better alternative that you need to know about is called NooCube.

NooCube is manufactured by a reputable company that is an FDA approved facility. The compounds inside it are natural nootropic compounds and do not use any synthetics in their blend.

The ingredients within have been studied for years and are great for your health.

Some of these great ingredients include L-Tyrosine, which is an amino acid that creates proteins. It improves the work of noradrenaline and dopamine transmitters that promote a healthy, properly functioning brain.

You also get the benefits of Avena Staiva, or oat straw, and this will enhance and boost your libido. While this is great, it is even better as a brain booster because it improves blood flow and enhances the number of alpha waves in your brain.

Huperzine A is also included in the ingredients of NooCube.

This natural alkaloid boosts the acetylcholine production, and the cat’s claw herb that is also included promote a healthy brain and reduce the phenomenon of brain decline as a result of aging.

Your stress is also lowered as a result of this lovely herb! Cat’s claw may also help prevent Parkinson’s disease, say some studies.

L-Theanine is an amino acid, and it also helps decrease the amount of stress in the human brain, while enhancing neurotransmitter performance. Alpha GPC is a compound that also improves your neurotransmitters’ functions and it is part of the NooTropic Blend.

Bacopa Monneieri will help regenerate your nerves and neurons-and you get better memory as a result.

Okay, But What Do the Customers Say?

You may be impressed by the great blend of herbs and compounds NooTropic offers. But the best part is that there are no side effects, and you do not have to be afraid of using it.

Be sure that you do not overdose-that’s with any medicine, though. Keep it away from children and check out some of these reviews.

“I am a student. I have been using NooCube for two months, and have noticed positive changes…I can study more, sleep better, and stay concentrated…”

“NooCube is my lifestyle choice…. I have received optimum results in a short period of time…I truly liked to cooperate with the company’s staff…”

“I am 65 and once I got lost in my neighbourhood…my daughter bought me NooCube and now I can go for a walk and not be afraid of gettling lost…”

Don’t take their word for it! Try for yourself.

My Final Words

NooCube is really the way to go. You can get 6 bottles for $120!

That’s very cheap for a great product. You only need 2 capsules a day to feel great like the folks above. You just take one in the morning, and then one in the evening with your dinner.

You will soon feel the great effects-increased mental clarity, greater mental energy, enhanced brain function, and a stronger memory. You will be able to focus, and your work or study productivity will increase.

Go to and get your own!




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