Night Time Fat Burners

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Lose Weight While You Sleep With A Night Time Fat Burner

Weight loss is a very popular topic today, especially since such a large number of the worldwide population is currently considered overweight or obese.

According to the World Health Organization(1.1), 1.9 billion individuals throughout the world who are older than 18 years of age were overweight in 2016. A total of 650 million individuals who formed part of this statistic had a BMI that classified them as obese.

Those people who are overweight often find that they suffer from low self-esteem, causing them to feel self-conscious when they are around their peers who might be at a healthier weight.

Furthermore, obesity has been found to add a significant increase to the risk(1.2) of reduced insulin sensitivity, diabetes, and the excess fat causes heart problems and kidney disease.

When weight loss strategies are discussed, the most obvious methods that come to mind is a diet, along with an exercise program that has been designed to create a calorie deficit.

When daily calories consumed in less than the number of calories burnt through physical exercise, weight loss is achieved.

Sleep And Weight: Is There A Connection?

Weight gain has been linked to a large number of lifestyle and environmental factors. It is well-known that indulging in doughnuts, French fries, potato chips, hamburgers, and other fast foods contributes to weight loss.

When a person eats food that calculates to a larger intake of calories than the amount burnt, it causes them to gain weight.

While these are all common factors in regards to becoming overweight or obese, there are some lesser-known factors that people often overlook – and sleep is one of these areas.

Sleep is important, and our bodies go through numerous processes during this time in our lives. Our brains consolidate the previous day’s memories, for example.

When a person fails to sleep enough, they become at risk of accidents because poor sleep causes them to feel tired and weak during the next day.

Productivity goes down fatigue kicks in. Another factor that has been established through studies is a connection that exists between poor sleep quality and obesity.

A scientific paper(1.3) prepared by the University of Chicago explains that evidence has now confirmed people who fail to sleep enough during a single night, as well as those who experience poor sleep quality, are at a higher risk of gaining weight and becoming obese.

Losing Weight While You Sleep

People are continuously searching for new and more convenient ways to lose weight, but often times, the answer is right in front of them.

With poor sleep being a risk factor for obesity, implementing a strategy to lose weight more effectively might be as simple as attending to a better sleeping routine.

Unfortunately, some people do find it hard to fall asleep at night and to stay asleep, which is why many supplements and even pharmaceuticals are available to improve sleep.

What’s more, there is an entire sub-market of the supplement industry dedicated to weight loss products that are meant to be taken before a person gets into bed.

Night time weight loss supplements are becoming popular – because they promote better sleep, and attend to certain aspects of the body that may contribute to weight loss at the same time.

A good quality night time weight loss supplement will provide specific functions that all help a person lose weight faster, and gain an advantage when it comes to reaching a healthier weight.

These supplements tend to help improve the user’s deep sleep cycle, while also helping to reduce the user’s appetite during the night.

This helps them avoid feeling hungry before going to bed or getting up in the middle of the night to grab a snack.

A lot of the supplements on the market that have been developed for night time weight loss also tend to help increase the production of growth hormones, reduce the release of cortisol in the body, and increase the user’s metabolism while they are sleeping.

Best Night Time Weight Loss Supplements On The Market

Photo Title Buy
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Not all weight loss supplements can be used at night.

In fact, there are only a few that have been designed with sleep in mind – it is important to look for a high quality one in order to gain all of the benefits that one should expect from such a product.

We have done extensive research to determine which night time supplements have the most potential in order to bring our readers the top options that they can opt for when they want to increase their chances of achieving their desired weight – even while they sleep.

#1. Sheer Shred PM

If you are looking for a scientifically-formulated night time weight loss pill, then the Sheer Shred PM supplement from the Sheer Strength Labs brand is definitely worth considering.

This is a highly rated option that does not include any type of stimulants, which means it is safe for those individuals who find they experience reactions when taking weight loss supplements that utilize caffeine and other types of stimulants. The supplement comes with a full money-back guarantee.

Even though taken at night, Sheer Shred PM also focuses on helping improve your recovery time during workouts that you might be performing the next day, ultimately giving you more value for your money.

The supplement promotes improvements in the body’s ability to burn fat naturally and focuses on improving the user’s deep sleep cycles – two essential components of sleeping better and losing weight more effectively.


#2. Lean PM Night Time Fat Burner

Another great option is the Lean PM Fat Burner, which is another stimulant-free night time fat burner that comes at a very attractive price.

The response from past users is very positive, and the product only utilizes a series of all-natural ingredients to make the product safer for those who are looking to lose weight at night.

The supplement has been developed with both men and women in mind and provides several benefits that ultimately aids in weight loss.

Lean PM Night Time Fat Burner helps to suppress the user’s appetite, it improves their sleep, and it increases the rate of fat burnt by speeding up the user’s nighttime metabolism. By increasing metabolism, the user will experience a great number of benefits.

Users may also find that their recovery after intense training protocols the next day is significantly improved.


#3. Athena Performance Burn PM Nighttime

An excellent option by the relatively popular Athena Performance brand.  The Burn PM Nighttime supplement is a thermogenic dietary product that works by increasing fat burnt in the body while the person is sleeping.

Additionally, the supplement also contains a number of ingredients that help the user fall asleep faster and experience a significant improvement in their overall quality of sleep.

The supplement contains beneficial ingredients such as L-Glycine, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, and more that have been proven to be helpful in burning fat faster and more effectively.

The supplement also contains a range of ingredients that can help to suppress the user’s appetite, ensuring that they reduce the amount of food they consume at night.

The special delivery system introduced by the tablet design also ensures the nutrients found in the supplement is slowly released into the user’s body throughout the night.


#4. Neonutrix Night-Time Fat Burner Formula

If you are looking for a more affordable fat burning supplement that has been designed with sleep in mind, then the Neonutrix Night-Time Fat Burner Formula might be the perfect option for you.

The supplement costs just over $10 for a full one-month supply and includes a large range of effective ingredients that may aid you in your journey to a sleeker body.

The product combines a series of scientifically-proven amino acids to promote healthy fat loss while you sleep, while also ensuring that you can sleep better at night. Furthermore, there are no stimulants found in this product.


#5. BPI Sports Nite Burn

Another excellent option for anyone looking to make their nighttime part of their weight loss regimen is the BPI Sports Nite Burn supplement.

The supplement features proven ingredients like Melatonin to support sleep, Green Coffee Bean to support metabolism, and Raspberry ketone to support weight loss.

The formula is free of stimulants and only provide the user’s body a range of all-natural ingredients, ultimately reducing the risk of experiencing side-effects while using the product.

Furthermore, the supplement is available for under $20, making it more accessible to those who are buying on a smaller budget.



We all need to sleep between seven and nine hours each day to support our bodily functions, and this may possibly contribute to better weight management skills as well.

Studies have confirmed a higher risk of obesity among people who do not sleep well.

With the use of a nighttime weight loss supplement, people now have an opportunity to not only sleep better but to also experience other benefits that will ensure they can continue to burn fat and lose weight, even while they are sleeping.

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