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Growth Factor 9 Review: Is This Supplement Worth The Hype?

AlexThe alpha male figure is something that men have been aiming toward since ancient times. It is often classified as high levels of stamina, combined with the classic large muscles and toned physique, known as a masculine figure.

Together with these features, men who want to claim the title of “alpha male” are expected to perform well in all areas of life – whether they are lifting weights at the gym, running a marathon, or pleasuring their partner in the bedroom.

If you have been keeping up with the latest techniques to help you get ripped, then you already know that there are quite a large variety of supplements you can utilize to help you gain muscle mass, boost your stamina, and get better at pleasing your partner.

While it is great that there are many options available, the significant variety, with each presenting a unique formula, makes it hard to know which supplement will actually work.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at a relatively popular supplement known as Growth Factor 9.

Even though the supplement has gained a lot of popularity recently, it does not seem like the response from users are very positive.

We’ll take a look at what the supplement is all about, what ingredients have been used, and whether or not it will actually help you achieve your goals.

Why Is Human Growth Hormone Important And What Does It Do?

Human Growth Hormone, along with testosterone, are hormones in the human body that are responsible for the growth of muscle mass.

This is a factor that is commonly known by the general population, but in reality, these hormones play many other roles in the body as well. Men often rely on HGH (Human Growth Hormone) in order to develop attributes that are associated with the age-old “alpha male” figure.

Scientific evidence is available to support the fact that an increase in HGH is beneficial for men.

In one particular study, conducted by a group of scientists and initiated by the University of Southern California, provided evidence that HGH can also be combined with testosterone to produce beneficial effects among male participants.

After supplementing men with these hormones, participants experienced a significant increase in their lean body mass, as well as their appendicular lean tissue. Additionally, fat mass in their body also decreased.

A review paper that was published by the same university explains that HGH levels naturally start to decline as man ages. With this in mind, many adverse effects can be noted when HGH levels become low.

Reduced vitality and the development of weakness and “frailty,” are some of the first signs that HGH levels are starting to decline and becoming low. Additionally, men also usually experience reductions in muscle mass and physical performance, while abdominal obesity often tends to develop at the same time.

Low HGH levels can also lead to complications with a man’s mental function and cardiovascular health.

Growth Factor 9 Overview

Growth Factor 9Growth Factor 9 is a supplement promoted primarily as a “nutrient repartitioner.” The goal of the supplement is to improve the body’s ability to utilize a series of macronutrients, including fats and carbohydrates, as well as proteins, for improvements in health, performance, stamina, and muscle gain.

Essentially, the purpose of the Growth Factor 9 supplement is to get the body to produce more Human Growth Hormone, a particular hormone that is involved in many essential processes that occur within the body.

The Benefits Of Growth Factor 9

The official manufacturer of the Growth Factor 9 formula has provided a detailed explanation of the potential benefits that the user should expect to experience when they decide to utilize the supplement as part of their training routine.

According to the manufacturer, the long-term use of the supplement will assist in boosting levels of HGH in the user’s body by as much as 682%. This is quite a claim to make, as a boost of 682% in Growth Hormones without the use of synthetically produced hormones is often thought impossible.

According to the manufacturer of this supplement, the boost in the natural production of these hormones will help the user experience a couple of essential benefits that ultimately contribute to their goal of becoming the alpha male again.

These benefits include:

  • Physical performance will be greatly enhanced, which may also assist with improving physical strength while working out at the gym
  • Body fat will be reduced, and exercise will cause fat to burn faster than before
  • Lean muscle mass will greatly increase through the use of this supplement
  • Overall energy will be boosted

Furthermore, the supplement also claims that benefits may contribute to improvements in the bedroom. It is quite common for men with low HGH and testosterone levels to experience issues when it comes to their erectile function and their sexual stamina.

The use of the Growth Factor 9 supplement also helps to support the user post-workout and improves recovery time, which further aids in the growth of muscle mass, as well as reduces soreness after an intense workout has been performed.

How Does Growth Factor 9 Work?

While the primary goal of using this supplement would be to experience an increase in the natural levels of HGH hormones in the user’s body, it is also important to consider how the various ingredients found in the supplement work together to help the male user achieve their goals.

It should be noted that the goal is not to inject the body with artificial ingredients and there really is no actual hormones found in this supplement.

Instead, it uses ingredients that may stimulate certain parts of the user’s endocrine system, which, in turn, causes the body to release more of these hormones that contribute to better gains in muscle mass and reductions in body fat.

Once this happens, a range of other benefits can be experienced, such as:

  • Lean muscle growth is stimulated through the release of growth hormones, while fat cells start to shrink
  • The synthesis of collagen is promoted, which contributes to muscle tissue and also helps to keep skin tight while fat is reduced
  • Joints and bones are strengthened, as these essential parts of the body rely on a healthy dose of growth hormones

Does Growth Factor 9 Really Work?

Does it Really Work?The big question now is whether or not the supplement actually works.

We see quite a lot of different supplements on the market making the same claims like this one, so what factors make this one different from the rest and why should you really buy Growth Factor 9 and not one of the thousands of other options on the market.

The hard truth behind this supplement, unfortunately, is that a lot of those people who have used it before finds that it is not really worth the price. Depending on where you buy this supplement, it will cost you between $69.65 and $79.97 for a one-month supply of the product.

When we take a look at what previous users say, we find that they consider the product to be way overpriced, especially when you consider the specific ingredients that are provided in the supplement. Additionally, people also complain that the product does not deliver the results that the manufacturer claims it offers.

While many of the ingredients included in the supplement does have some evidence to back up its effectiveness in boosting HGH, muscle mass, and reducing body fat, the problem with this supplement is also that they do not include an appropriate dosage of each ingredient.

This means the product is not potent enough to produce the desired effects. Taking more than the recommended dosage, however, will simply cost too much, especially when compared to similar formulas on the market.

HGH-X2: An Effective Alternative To Growth Factor 9

Crazy Bulk HGHDue to the relatively large number of negative reviews and comments associated with the Growth Factor 9 supplement, many people may seek out alternative options that would help them achieve their alpha male goals.

This brings us to a supplement known as HGH-X2.

HGH-X2 is a supplement that was designed to stimulate the pituitary gland in the user’s body, which is part of the endocrine system. The pituitary gland essentially signals the release of Human Growth Hormone.

The supplement was designed with three primary goals in mind:

  • To help the user experience significant improvements in their lean muscle gain
  • To promote improvements in fat reduction, which helps to eliminate abdominal obesity and accumulated fat in other regions of the body
  • To assist with the recovery from an intensive session of physical activity, such as weight lifting

How Much Does HGH-X2 Cost?

Crazy Bulk HGH Bottle

HGH-X2 is cheaper than Growth Factor 9. A one-month supply contains a total of 60 capsules and costs $59.99

Customers can also take advantage of the manufacturer’s special offers:

  • Buy two bottles, get an extra bottle for free
  • Buy four bottles, get two extra bottles for free

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 What Are The Ingredients Of HGH-X2?

HGH-X2 contains a unique formula that utilizes quality amino acids, combined with a number of plant extracts in order to deliver a variety of benefits, in addition to boosting the production of Human Growth Hormone.

L-Arginine is provided at 20 mg per serving of the supplement. This amino acid is converted into a gaseous substance in the body, called Nitric Oxide, which, in turn, leads to improvements in the vasodilation of blood vessels.

What this essentially means is that nutrients and other compounds can be delivered to muscle tissue and other areas of the body more effectively – this would, of course, include the increased amount of hormones being released by the endocrine system.

In addition to the inclusion of L-Arginine, the supplement also contains Maca Root extracts, a popular performance-enhancing plant root extract.

Maca Root has been proven to work effectively at boosting physical performance and strength, while also delivering improvements in other areas, such as libido. Other plant-based extracts also contained in HGH-X2 include Mucuna Pruriens, also known as Velvet Bean, and Hawthorne Berry Extract.


Man Working Out

Growing large muscles, boosting stamina, reducing body fat, and becoming a beast in the bedroom are all goals that men have, which often leads them to buy supplements claiming to make all of these dreams a reality.

The problem is most supplements that make such promises can never deliver on their claims, and these products are often overpriced.

Growth Factor 9 has become a common option for a lot of individuals who need a boost in Human Growth Hormone but seems to be ineffective for most who have tried it.

If you are considering this particular supplement, then we recommend rather looking at HGH-X2 as an alternative. This supplement offers a more complete formula that has been proven to work, while also being offered at a lower price.

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