Extenze Review: Can You Really Claim Back Your Manhood With This All-Natural Supplement?

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Two of the most common issues that men have with themselves is usually related to the size of their penis, as well as their performance in the bedroom.

Men tend to think that an inadequate size leads to less pleasurable sexual intercourse.

When the man is unable to perform due to poor erectile function, this simply causes the issue to become worse.


Viagra is often considered the go-to solution for men who face problems getting and staying hard during sex, but the drug is known to cause many side-effects – some of which can even be harmful to a man’s health.

Alternative options do exist, so continue reading this article if you would like to learn more about how a simple supplement, known as Extenze, helped me solve these two particularly common issues.

StephenHey there

I’m Stephen and today I’m here to tell you a little about my dreadful experience with erectile dysfunction, as well as to share with you how I was able to overcome this problem by using just a simple, affordable natural supplement – plus I experienced gain in size, no man could say no to that!

It all really started on my 10th wedding anniversary.

The entire day was supposed to be truly magical for both me and Irene. It all started out well, don’t get me wrong.

We flew all the way to Chicago to have a date at the small café where we first met – luckily, the café still existed. We then went on a cruise and later that day, we had dinner at a really nice hotel.

When we got to the hotel room, I had the hotel manager put out an expensive bottle of champagne, and I had risen all over the room. I was so prepared to give Irene that last gift – me and her alone in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, that night, my penis did not play along with the surprise – even though everything was going really great, I was unable to have a good erection.

This was a major problem for me. My wife told me that everything was okay and maybe I was just tired.

She said that it’s really no big deal – but I could see the look in her eyes.

Both me and Irene felt guilty at the time – while she felt that she wasn’t able to attract me sexually anymore, I was worried about what might be going on with myself under the belt.

And So My Journey With Erectile Dysfunction Begins…

Even though I told myself that the erectile dysfunction symptoms I experienced on that night were a one-time thing, it happened again the next time I wanted to have sex.

Over the course of a month, it continued. Sometimes I was able to have an erection, but then it would go away while I was still having sex – leaving both me and my wife unpleased.

I eventually decided that it is time to face up and man up. I was a little embarrassed to talk about this issue with the doctor we’ve been going to for several years, so I decided to make an appointment with a different doctor in our local area.

I discussed my experiences with the doctor, and he told me that it seems like I was developing erectile dysfunction. He did tell me that a relatively large percentage of men around my age do suffer from such problems and he assured me I had nothing to be embarrassed about.

ViagraThe doctor told me that he was going to give me a prescription for Viagra, for now, to see if this drug can help to solve my erectile problems in the bedroom.

Everyone knows what Viagra is, so I didn’t really need an introduction to the drug.

I picked up the prescribed Viagra at my local pharmacy later that day and decided to give it a go.

My erection was better when I took Viagra. I was able to satisfy my wife again without my penis going limb.

While the Viagra did seem to work for me, having to take a pill on time when I wanted to have sex was inconvenient.

This completely took out that adventurous part of having sex at unpredicted times.

We couldn’t simply have a “quickie” now and then anymore.

Everything had to be scheduled.

A part of me started to feel like that spark was starting to fade. I could see my wife’s disappointment with the fact that I had to take a pill in order to have sex with her.

Perhaps she felt that she wasn’t attractive enough for me anymore and that I now had to use some “inspiration” in the form of a little blue pill to get things going.

The Side-Effects Of Viagra And Other Conventional Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

side effects

About two weeks after I started using Viagra as a way to boost my performance in the bedroom, I started to experience headaches.

At first, I didn’t link the two up. I took a painkiller and went through my days, as usual, not knowing that the Viagra I was taking was to blame for the headaches I experienced.

A couple of days later, I started to experience another side-effect – flushing.

I paid a visit to the doctor that originally prescribed the medication to me, and he said that these are relatively common side-effects that are caused by Viagra, but he did assure me that I had nothing to worry about.

Back home, I decided to do some research on these side-effects – and my findings were quite shocking.

Viagra doesn’t only cause headaches and flushing as adverse effects, but there are many other potential side-effects that people have experienced as well.

Some of these adverse events can even be harmful and lead to medical emergencies!

With some research, I found that Viagra is linked to these side-effects:

  • Headaches and flushing, of course, as I have experienced these myself
  • An upset stomach, which may lead to additional complications like diarrhea or constipation, as well as abdominal cramps
  • Vision changes, which may include blurred vision, as well as an alteration in how a person sees certain colors
  • A runny and stuffy nose
  • Pain in the back, along with muscle pain
  • Nausea

These are only some of the side-effects that gave me a real fright for the medication I was putting into my body each time I wanted to have sex with my wife.

Discovering An Alternative To Viagra…

Extenze PackageAfter my struggle with the side-effects caused by Viagra, I shared this with one of my friends while playing golf one day.

He told me that he had gone through a very similar experience in recent times and that he also felt a little embarrassed getting in touch with his doctor.

After he did and was prescribed Viagra, he experienced issues with his vision while using the drug.

These side-effects quickly subsided after he stopped using Viagra, but that also took away the effects that the drug had on his erectile function.

My friend introduced me to a product called Extenze.

He later sent me a link via text message to the website where he bought this supplement and told me more about it.

Apparently, Extenze is a powerful and all-natural male enhancement supplement that he started to use as an alternative to Viagra.

He told me that not only did his erectile function greatly improve when he used this supplement, but he also noted that his penis was larger than before.

In addition to the direct effects that the supplement had on his erections, he also felt more vigor while performing in the bedroom and he had a higher libido, which means he stopped putting off sex with his wife because he didn’t feel like it.

I quickly opened up the link right after he sent it to me and started to read through the information on the page. It was the official website of Extenze.

I was a bit skeptical, as I have heard of many natural supplements claiming to boost erections, but only leading to side-effects and no real effects.

Still, I trusted my friend and also saw that the product came with a guarantee, so I decided to place an order for just one bottle in order to test it out and see if it really works.
What follows is an overview of my experience with Extenze, as well as some information about the product that you will find useful if you are trying to decide whether or not to start using this supplement for your erectile dysfunction symptoms.

My Experience With Extenze Male Enhancement Supplement

I received my order of Extenze in just about a week after I completed the checkout process and paid for the product. The delivery time was quite impressive.

After I got the product in my mail, I first decided to take a closer look at it – I analyzed the ingredients, did some research on them, and I read through the insert that came with the product.

Everything seemed legit. I did, however, notice that the product should be used every day and that results will gradually build up.

The company that manufactures Extenze also noted that you need to use this supplement for a couple of months to experience the real power of their unique formula.

I was a little disappointed since I decided only to buy a single month’s supply, but I told myself that I would still use it to see if it does anything. I wasn’t too hopeful, but I did talk to my wife about it, and she was quite excited – I stopped using Viagra and started to take an Extenze pill every day.

After about two days, I had a spontaneous erection – out of the blue – when I sat down and had a conversation with my wife. This was great – the only thing that I could have thanked for this erection was the Extenze supplement.

Now, at the time, my erection wasn’t really bigger and not stronger than before – but I had an erection without the need for Viagra. This was real progress.

Things only started to get better after this – and by the time I had reached the last pill in the pack, I had already ordered more and experienced much better improvements in my sex life. In fact, my wife told me that things have never really been this good in the past.

I did notice the size of my erection increased a little bit after that first month and, in the following months, it continued to grow.

It is important to understand that this product will not make you “massive,” but it will add some size that is noticeable – this is impressive for a pill without the need for surgical procedures or any “penis pump” devices.

Extenze Banner

How Does Extenze Work?

Understanding how a product like Extenze works is an important part of the process where a person decides whether or not they would like to use such a product. This can also help a person understand whether or not the product will actually be effective, and if there is anything that they should be concerned about.

Extenze has a very similar action in the body as Viagra. Both of these products tend to target the blood circulatory system in the human body – or, more specifically, blood flow.

Not everyone understands the major role that blood flow plays in the erectile function of a man.

When blood flow is poor, only a small amount of blood will be pushed into a man’s penis when they are aroused – this, in turn, means that their erection will not be powerful.

You see, when you become aroused, your brain sends a message to muscles that are located in your penis – this causes the muscles to relax.

As these muscles start to relax, blood starts to flow into your penis – your penis then swells, and you become erect. This is the basics of how an erection works.

I don’t want to go into too many details, as I would like to keep this review as simple and easy-to-understand as possible.

Now, if you have issues with your blood flow, then it means enough blood will not enter your penis during arousal.

This, in turn, leads to a weak erection – sometimes also causing you to experience an erection that goes limb while you are participating in sexual intercourse.

This is exactly the issue that Extenze primarily targets with its unique herbal formula. The supplement was formulated with a range of ingredients that help to boost blood flow in the body – especially toward the penis.

When blood flow is improved, it obviously means that you are going to be experiencing much better and harder erections.

With the improvement in blood flow to your penis, you may also notice that your erections seem to be larger than they were before you started to use Extenze.

In addition to targeting weak blood flow issues in a man’s body, Extenze has additional ingredients that work in other areas where men often find that they are having trouble as well.

The product was also developed to help stimulate your libido, which means you will be in the mood more often and there will be fewer times where you do not feel like having sex when your wife (or sexual partner) makes a move on you.

You might also find that your stamina and endurance during sex are better when you use Extenze.

This may help to avoid running out of energy in the middle of sex – another issue that can be just as bad as an erection that goes limb.

The Benefits Of Extenze?

Extenze really has a large number of potential benefits for those men who are experiencing some issues in regards to their sexual and erectile performance.

Below, I will list some of my personal favorite features and benefits that this particular supplement has been able to offer me – and the same will likely apply to you, should you decide to buy the product and utilize its unique formula.

The Extenze formula only consists of herbal ingredients that have been previously researched independently and proven to yield benefits that could ultimately yield improvements in a man’s sex life.

There is no Sildenafil or other potentially harmful chemicals added to this supplement, such as those that are used in the production of Viagra, Cialis, and other types of pharmaceutical drugs that are used to help men overcome erectile dysfunction symptoms.

The product targets one of the main problems that cause poor erectile function in men – which is issues related to the man’s blood flow. This way, more blood gets pushed toward the penis in order to help improve erectile function.

In addition to the supplement’s ability to assist in providing improvements in erectile function, a lot of men (including myself) who have used Extenze find that the size of their erections is also enhanced with the regular use of this product.

There is no need to use Extenze an hour before having sex like Viagra and other drugs, as this product gradually builds up in your system and then makes it easy to have sex whenever and wherever you want.

This product is very safe and will not cause the same dreaded side-effects that some men have reported while using a drug like Viagra.

This means you can take the product and expect to experience stronger erections without having to worry about putting your heart and overall health in danger.

The full money-back guarantee that comes with the purchase of Extenze means you do not have to worry about wasting your money either.

If you do not like what this particular product does for you and you feel that no improvements in your erectile function have occurred, then simply contact the company and claim back the money you spent on it in the first place.

What Are The Ingredients Behind The Extenze Formula?

The formula used in the Extenze dietary supplement is based on a range of herbal extracts and natural nutrients that all work I combination to help men overcome common issues that they might be facing in the bedroom.

The product utilizes a proprietary secret blend that is unique to them and not available from any other brand in the world.

The specific ingredients that are found in each tablet consist of:

  • Pregnenolone
  • Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, also known as GABA
  • Folate
  • Zinc
  • Piper Longum Seed Extract
  • Ginger Root Extract
  • Damiana Leaf Extract
  • Astragalus Root Extract
  • L-Arginine Hydrochloride
  • Hops Extracts
  • Boron Chelate
  • Ho Shou Wu Root Extract
  • Licorice Root Extract
  • Pumpkin Seed Extract
  • Horny Goat Weed Leaf Extract
  • Velvet Deer Antler Extract
  • Xanthroparmelia Scarbrosa Extract
  • Yohimbe Bark Extract
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract
  • Muira Puama Stem Extract
  • Stinging Nettle Root Extract

Visit Official Website To Check Full Ingredients

In addition to the ingredients that I listed above, note that Extenze also contains black pepper seed extract. This is a very potent ingredient – not on its own, but when mixed into a herbal supplement like Extenze.

The black pepper extract helps to improve the absorption of the other ingredients that the manufacturer has included in Extenze; thus making the ingredients absorb into the user’s body faster and more effectively, yielding better results compared to taking the same supplement without the addition of black pepper extract.

Are There Any Risks And Side-Effects Associated With Extenze?

Extenze is generally considered a safe supplement and the majority of men who do decide to use the product to help them improve their erectile function and to give them an increase in size.

Since people tend to react differently to natural supplements, it is important to note that some men who use Extenze might experience some potential side-effects. In most cases, the side-effects will be relatively mild. Stomach upset might occur.

This may cause the man to experience some diarrhea. No major or serious side-effects have been associated with Extenze, however.

Men who have any existing health conditions or diagnosed medical illnesses are advised to first consult with their physician.

Their physician should be provided with a complete list of the ingredients that are found in Extenze to evaluate the supplement and to help the physician determine if any interactions might occur with medication that the man is currently taking for the conditions that they are suffering from.

Additionally, men should also go through the ingredient list and identify any substances added to the supplement that they are allergic to.

Allergic reactions are rare but possible, so this is another important factor to be taken into account when deciding whether or not to opt for Extenze in order to promote improvements in your erections.

How Does The Extenze Money-Back Guarantee Work?

Extenze comes with a money-back guarantee that ensures you will not end up wasting the money you invest in this supplement.

Once you have chosen one of the packages available from the manufacturer, you are given a total of 60 days to try the product out.

Be sure to take a tablet each day and see if the supplement does help you gain an improvement in your erectile function.

If you find that you are not happy with the results, then simply get in touch with the company. They will send you a form to complete. Send the unused portion of your supplements, along with the form, to the return address the company gives you.

They will then issue a refund to the payment method you used to buy the product during the initial checkout process.

Where To Buy And How Much Does Extenze Cost?

Extenze is generally very affordable, especially when you consider the fact that you take the supplement on a daily basis and there is no need to pay expensive fees for a pill that you have to time the dosage perfectly with.

If you only want to give Extenze a try, then you can opt for a one-month supply of the product. If, however, you want to buy in bulk, you’ll end up saving as much as $50 on the total order amount.

Below is an overview of the pricing for each package that you can choose from when ordering the product from the official Extenze website:

  • One-month supply – $59.95
  • Two-month supply – $109.95 (Save $10)
  • Three-month supply – $159.95 (Save $20)
  • Six-month supply – $309.95 (Save $50)

Visit Official Extenze Website

These prices do not include shipping, however. If you buy the six-month supply package, then you can get free shipping to address that is located in the United States.


The signs of erectile dysfunction can be truly disastrous on your sex life and cause you to experience mental complications that can lead to depression, performance anxiety, and more.

Erectile dysfunction and related issues can be effectively treated through the use of various options, including conventional treatments like Viagra.

While Viagra and similar medications can yield effective results in terms of improving erectile function and boosting performance during sex, there are various side effects associated with the drug – plus you might have to start scheduling sex.

Extenze is an alternative option to Viagra and other pharmaceutical options that contains a natural blend of herbal extracts and nutrients that have been proven to assist in boosting blood flow to the penis.

The product has been used by thousands of men and has yielded effective results in many of the users.

It is easy to use Extenze, and the formula is also relatively safe.

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