Best Weight Gainer For Skinny Guys

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Hey guys, my name is Alex and today I am going to share you my story and how I gained weight from being a twig to what I am today.

Do a quick search on Google related to any topic on weight – and you’ll find a heap of articles about how bad being overweight is and how the world is facing an epidemic with obesity.

By now, people know that excess weight is bad for you and diets for weight loss can be found around every corner.

Walk into your local supermarket, and you’re sure to see at least one magazine with the latest diet that people are raving about – take a closer look, and you’ll see it’s a weight loss diet!

For us skinny guys, much less information is available about how dangerous being underweight can be.

Finding accurate and useful information on gaining weight is also not as easy as learning how to lose weight. Believe me; I’ve spent several years trying to pick up some weight.

Even though being skinny is something that millions of people are striving for – there is something as being too skinny!

Being The Skinny One In The Class

So I’ve been really skinny since I was young. I never really took notice of how skinny I was or had any concerns about the fact that I was skinnier than the other kids – that was until I got to high school.

In high school, kids started to become more aware of their bodies. The skinny guys started to hit the gym, and the fat kids started to go on diets. I, on the other hand, was bullied for being skinny – most guys thought I looked fragile.

Even when it came to flirting with girls and hooking up, things took a turn for the worse.

People often talk about the “fat” kids struggling to land a girl – but this also goes for the skinny kid in the class!

Now, I want to state that I wasn’t skinny because I hardly ate. In fact, I was usually the one who asked for a second scoop at dinner.

I started to dread the fact that I was so skinny, so I started to eat more. I was also very active at the same time.

Unfortunately, nothing I tried gave me the extra weight that I needed to stop being that skinny guy that people teased – and no girl would want to date a skeleton!

Putting On Some Mass

As I entered my 20s, I started to take my weight more seriously.

By this time, I wasn’t the skinny guy in the class anymore, but rather the skinny guy at work – and the whole cycle really just repeated itself. This was when I started to do some serious research to identify ways that I was able actually to gain weight.

The first thing I learned was that most skinny guys like myself tend to think that they are eating a lot, but in reality, they are not.

With weight loss, the idea for success is to reduce calorie intake to a number that is lower than calorie expenditure. To gain weight, I had to do the opposite.

I wasn’t sure at first, as I still believed that I ate a lot. This is why I decided to use an app to track my daily caloric intake, as well as to determine how many calories I burnt each day.

I recorded everything for an entire week – to my surprise, it turned out that I was, in fact, eating fewer calories than I was burning on a daily basis.

After learning that I had to increase my calorie intake per day to create a surplus, I decided to work out a special diet for myself.

Additionally, I also decided to closely monitor how many calories I consumed each day, as well as how many I burnt through all of my physical activities.

I used a simple app on my smartphone to do all of this – the same one that helped me discover my daily calorie expenditure was higher than my intake.

I had to determine how much calories I needed to consume each day for results.

I am 5″9′ and weighed 140lb at the time. I was advised that I should weight around 170lb to not look like a guy that is simply too skinny.

I calculated my daily caloric intake requirements for maintaining my weight to around 2,700kcal per day.

In order to gain weight, I had to add around 500 calories to this number, which led me to the conclusion that I had to consume around 3,200kcal each and every day for the next few weeks if I really wanted to gain weight.

Even though I wanted to gain weight, I wasn’t looking for a way to become “fat” or overweight.

Instead, I wanted to bulk up with some muscles, so I also turned to the gym while increasing my daily caloric intake.

I started to perform deadlifts, squats, and other more intensive exercises to help me gain muscle.

I also started to drink shakes like whey protein and a couple of supplements to further help me benefit from my new diet and, of course, my workout routine at the gym.

Best Weight Gainer For Skinny Guys

While implementing the techniques to help me gain weight, I turned to a number of different supplements to help me reach my goals of gaining more lean muscle mass and bulking up.

Unfortunately, the majority of the products I used failed to provide me with the results that I expected from them, especially since many of them set me back a few hundred dollars.

After some research, I discovered a brand called Transparent Labs and decided to give their “Bulk Muscle Building essentials Stack” a try.

The pack came with four different products that were designed to be stacked together for better results. These products included:

  • 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate
  • Krill Oil supplements
  • Creatine HMB supplements
  • BULK Pre-Workout Supplement

I paid $158 for the entire package, which saved me quite a lot of money compared to having to buy each of these products separately.

I was also able to choose my favorite flavor for each of the powdered based products that are part of this particular package.

After using the stack as instructed by Transparent Labs for just a week, I already started to notice improvements in my weight gain.

Even though slow, I did gradually start to increase my lean muscle mass and was finally able to get on the scale and see a higher number than the week before.


I was a skinny kid and even in my 20s struggled to gain weight. I wasn’t able to get a girl, and I found it difficult to make friends – because of my oddly skinny body, along with the mental complications I had suffered.

Fortunately, with some research, I was able to discover highly effective techniques that finally helped me gain the extra weight I needed to bulk up my body and achieve a more masculine physique.

Today, I am proud to say that I can easily make new friends, get a girl, and people never call me the skinny guy anymore.

Anyone who finds themselves in my shoes should definitely follow the advice I shared here, and be sure to opt for the Bulk Muscle Building Essentials Stack from Transparent Labs if you wish to get the best results fast.

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