Best Pre-Workout For Women

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Top Rated Pre-Workout Supplements For Women

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Gym Angel Energy Drink, Pina Colada, 183.3 Gram
Pre JYM Pre Workout Powder - BCAAs, Creatine HCI, Citrulline Malate, Beta-Alanine, Betaine, and More | JYM Supplement Science | Strawberry Kiwi Flavor, 30 Servings
BSN Endorush Pre Workout Powder, Energy Supplement for Men and Women, 300mg of Caffeine, with Beta-Alanine and Creatine, Sour Candy, 30 Servings , 14.3 Ounce (Pack of 1)

Your performance in the gym is something that is both precious and important to you.

You rely on your strength to hit those heavier weights, while you rely on your stamina and endurance to run the treadmill and participate in other activities without becoming tired too soon.

All of this contributes to that great figure that you like showing off when you decide to spend the day at the beach.

Training can be hard, especially with a busy schedule that drains so much of your energy already.

This is why women are increasingly turning to specialized supplements that can help them achieve their desired results – whether it is to burn excess fat, to build a little muscle mass, or simply to keep their energy levels high during their time at the gym so that they can maintain a healthy, lean physique.

There are different types of supplements that women can rely on when they go to the gym, and a pre-workout should be at the top of your list if you wish to get the most out of every session you spend in the gym – or at home, if you prefer.

What Is The Purpose Of A Pre-Workout Supplement For Women?

A pre-workout supplement really is quite self-explanatory – it is a supplement that you take before you decide to do a workout.

These supplements vary as they contain different types of ingredients, but the general idea of a pre-workout supplement for women is to help the woman experience greater strength and endurance during their workout sessions and to give them a noticeable boost in their energy levels.

Some of the pre-workout supplements on the market has additional ingredients that add more functions to them.

For example, there are quite a large number of pre-workout supplements that have been designed to aid in muscle growth, as well as to make fat burn faster than without the supplement.

Some supplements also contain special formulas that speed up recovery after the workout, which can also be very beneficial.

When muscle recovery is improved, then it means you will not experience as much soreness in your muscle post-workout as you do without these special ingredients helping your muscles recover in a shorter period of time.

Pre-workout supplements also come in different forms.

There are many of these supplements that are available in a powder form. These supplements are mixed with water, milk, or another liquid, and then turned into a shake.

They often come in various flavors to ensure the user has a pleasant experience while using them. Other pre-workout supplements tend to come in the form of a tablet or capsule that is taken with a glass of water about 20 minutes before hitting the gym.

Best Pre-Workouts For Women

With so many options to choose from, how do you know which supplements are good and which ones will simply be a waste of your hard-earned money?

To help make this choice easier, we decided to look at more than 100 different pre-workout supplements that have been made specifically for women – and see which ones will give you the best results.

We came up with a list of the eight best pre-workout supplements for women – now simply look at each one to help you decide which one would be the perfect candidate for your workout routines.

#1. Strong Girl Pre-Workout

First up on our list is the pre-workout supplement manufactured by the Strong Girl brand. This brand specializes in producing effective workout supplements that have all been tailored toward the female body.

The Strong Girl Pre-Workout supplement is available in a delicious Cosmopolitan Fruit Punch flavor, and a single container will last you an entire month.

The formula contains a variety of highly effective ingredients, including L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Quercetin, CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine, and Green Tea extracts.

The supplement was designed to not only deliver a boost in strength but also to help to enhance strength and to improve the user’s recovery times.


#2. FitMiss Ignite Pre-Workout Supplement

Another excellent option for women who are looking for a good product is the FitMiss Ignite Pre-Workout Supplement, also a brand that focuses on developing specialized workout supplements tailored toward the female population.

This is a stimulant-based pre-workout, with a 100mg serving of caffeine per dose of the supplement. The product also contains L-Carnitine in order to help improve fat loss during exercise.

The product has been certified by Informed-Choice and even comes with a 30-day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.


#3. Promera Health Women’s Elite Diet Supplement

If you want a high-quality product that will help you achieve maximum performance during every workout, then you should surely check out the Promera Health Women’s Elite Diet Supplement.

This supplement is perfect for women who have some excess weight that they would like to shed, while also boosting their energy, stamina, and endurance during each training session.

The supplement does not contain any type of dyes and comes in a really delicious Strawberry Kiwi flavor.


#4. Gym Angel Energy Drink

While promoted as an energy drink, the Gym Angel Energy Drink pre-workout supplement does far more than just give you a boost in your energy levels when you decide to hit the gym.

The supplement features a special formulation that helps the ingredients absorb faster.

The product also helps to increase strength and provide a boost in pumps, which will ensure your muscle growth is increased during your workout sessions. The supplement is free of creatine, dyes, and carbohydrates.


#5. JYM Supplement Science PRE JYM Pre-Workout

While not specifically promoted toward a female audience, the JYM Supplement Science PRE JYM Pre-Workout supplement is also an excellent choice for women who need a boost when they are at the gym.

This supplement is loaded with a large number of beneficial ingredients, including Citrulline, Creatine, and BCAAs.

The result is a significant boost in energy, endurance, muscle growth, fat loss, and overall performance while participating in both cardio and strength training physical activities.


#6. Nutricost Pre-Workout Powder For Women

The Nutricost Pre-Workout Powder For Women contains a specially selected range of high-quality ingredients that have been included to support the body of the female user.

Each container offers 30 services and is available at a very attractive price. The supplement comes in different flavors, including Strawberry, Fruit Punch, and Blue Raspberry.

The pre-workout powder boosts nitric oxide, energy, strength, and even helps to improve recovery.


#7. BSN Endorush Pre-Workout Powder

If you are looking for a product that is affordable, but can still give you the boost that you need to perform better during your workouts, then take a look at the BSN Endorush Pre-Workout Powder.

It comes in an Island Cooler Flavor and is a good pre-workout for both men and women. This is a stimulant-based pre-workout, with each serving giving you a dose of 300mg caffeine, resulting in explosive energy and mental focus.

A special pump matrix in the product also helps to improve muscle growth, allowing you to tone your body while working out.


#8. NLA For Her – Uplift Pre-Workout Energy

NLA For Her’s Uplift Pre-Workout Energy supplement was designed with women in mind and offers “clean” ingredients that provide you with sustained energy during your entire workout session.

The product is also affordable and helps to improve athletic performance, as well as gives you better strength levels.

This supplement comes in three different flavors, including Raspberry Lemonade, Guava Passion, and Cherry Limeade. Ingredients include a series of amino acids, along with Caffeine, DMAE, and more.


Buying The Right Pre-Workout Supplement For You

When you are interested in starting to utilize the potential benefits that a pre-workout supplement may offer you, then you will be faced with a difficult decision – you’ll soon discover that there are thousands of different options on the market, so knowing which one is right for you can be extremely hard.

Luckily, there are some factors that you can take into consideration to help make the process of choosing a good pre-workout supplement that will work great with your body, your goals, and your specific workout routines, a little easier.

One of the first factors to consider when it comes to buying a pre-workout supplement for women is whether you want to opt for one that relies on stimulants to boost focus and performance, or rather opt for a stimulant-free supplement.

The majority of these supplements do tend to include some form of stimulants, as stimulants are known to be highly effective in boosting exercise performance, but there are a lot of options available for those people who would rather want to try a pre-workout supplement that is stimulant-free.

Stimulants might be beneficial, but there are a lot of people who tend to experience side-effects, such as sensitivity, to these ingredients.

If you are one of these people, then instead of experiencing better strength and energy levels during your workout routine, you might rather find yourself feeling jittery, experiencing headaches, and becoming anxious.

These are all side-effects that you want to avoid when you are working out.

If you prefer to stay away from a pre-workout that contains a stimulant, then avoid products that list ingredients such as:

  • Caffeine
  • DMAA
  • Synephrine
  • Yohimbine
  • Methyl-Synephrine

These are all effective stimulants that hold great benefits for the user, but for anyone who might be sensitive to a stimulant supplement, they may rather do more harm than they do good.

In addition to considering whether you want to rely on a stimulant-based or stimulant-free pre-workout supplement, you should also know the goals you have for yourself in terms of working out.

There are certain ingredients that are specifically included in pre-workouts to help the user achieve particular types of goals, such as simply to boost energy, enhance endurance, to help the user experience greater levels of strength while they are lifting weights, or perhaps to assist in speeding up the recovery time after the workout has been completed.

Always have a good look at the ingredients that are listed on the pre-workout supplement you might be interested in buying. This will tell you how effective the product would be when you choose to take it, and will also give you a clearer overview of what the specific product would be able to do for you.

If you want to experience better muscle growth and muscle strength during your exercise routines, then look for ingredients like Creatine.

Beta-alanine is a popular ingredient known to assist in reducing signs of muscle fatigue, which may help you participate in more strenuous activities in the gym, and possibly also boost your endurance.

Strength may also be increased with ingredients such as Citrulline, while a supplement that contains a range of BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino-Acids) can help to increase fat loss during physical activity, and help to prevent muscle fatigue.

Are Pre-Workout Supplements Safe For Women To Take?

With the increasing awareness of the negative effects that some drugs and supplements may have on the human body, with a particular focus on anabolic steroids here, a lot of women are wondering whether it would be safe for them to take pre-workout supplements.

They are usually not only worried about ingredients showing up in blood tests, but also concerned about possible negative effects that they might experience.

The good news is that most of the pre-workout supplements on the market are generally considered safe and, when you choose a high-quality one with the right ingredients, the supplement can also be exceptionally effective.

It is, however, important to do your research, know exactly what ingredients are included in the supplement, and consider any potential side-effects that you may experience when you take the supplement.

Even though safe in most cases, some people may experience side-effects to pre-workout supplements. An excellent example would be when a person who is sensitive to caffeine takes a pre-workout product that contains this ingredient or another stimulant.

You should also ensure that you consider any potential allergies that you may have for the ingredients included in a specific supplement that you may be interested in, as allergic reactions can happen from time-to-time. Opt for a supplement that does not contain any substances that you might be allergic to.


When workouts become tough, a pre-workout supplement might be just what you need.

These products contain specially formulated combinations of ingredients that help you last longer and experience better strength while you are training, and sometimes also help to burn fat faster, increase muscle mass faster, and improve muscle recovery time after you have exercises.

A large number of options on the market makes the choice of opting for the right pre-workout supplement very difficult, which is why we brought you eight of the best pre-workout supplements for women in this article – look at each, consider the pros and cons, and then choose the one that will be best suited for you.

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